Please indicate when scheduling how many looks you are planning. A deposit is taken to schedule the appointment. Each look takes as long as it takes – there is no time limit. Hair and makeup usually take an hour for the first look. Shots may be taken outside if weather permits. Also indicate anything special you want, and I will reply back in an email. Balance to be paid after the shoot: Venmo, credit card, check, or cash.

  • 1 look shoot
  • 1 outfit
  • 1 high res edited file
  • 2 look shoot
  • 2 outfit changes
  • 2 high res edited files
  • 3 look shoot
  • 3 outfit changes
  • 3 high res edited files
  • 4 look shoot
  • 4 outfit changes
  • 4 high res edited files
Additional high res edited files are $25.00 each.
Agent directed photoshoots are the price agreed upon with agency, a deposit is required to schedule.

Professional hair and makeup for one look is $150 and $25 for each additional change / add paid to hair and makeup the day of the shoot separate from photo fee. Please indicate in the notes that you request hair and makeup and I will schedule that for you.

Wardrobe Selection

When selecting clothing for your photoshoot, it is important that the clothing is like new. In most cases, the style should be timeless, unless the job requires more flair. Designer or modeling shoots will use more edgy clothing in at least one of their looks, where corporate and actors will go more traditional. Some buy new clothing for their shoots if they feel that they do not have anything fresh. Corporate selections almost always wear a jacket, with a tie for men or a nice blouse under the jacket for women. More muted tones with less contrast is best as you want to call attention to you and not so much your outfit. Acting headshot clothing is usually on the darker side and solid with no patterns. The fit should be good and have clean lines around the neck area. For kids you can have a little fun with color – bright colors with warm skin tones or cool colors with pale skin tones. Modeling shoots usually go with 3 outfit changes. One clean and natural, could be a t-shirt or button-down, or something that shows the figure, such as a workout outfit. The second will be a trendy look – for women a little more makeup and something fun, jeans and top; and for men, jeans and a jacket. Keep the jeans more traditional with less fading and no holes. The third look should be fashion forward, women a dress, and men a sport coat. Social Media & Portrait headshots all depend on your branding for yourself and your business. It needs to look professional, so make an effort to bring a variety of like new choices. For portrait, just bring what you love.

Schedule an Appointment

Please use the calendar below to choose a date and time below to make your appointment. You will be asked to make a $100 deposit through PayPal or Venmo. We will email you to confirm your appointment. Thank you!


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Arrive at the studio

A map is provided below, so make yourself familiar with the area. There is off-street and on-street parking around the building. During the warmer months, I have a loading dock door that goes directly into the studio, off the parking lot of 17th and Madison NE. You can come right up the wooden stairs. Treat the day like a vacation day and leave your troubles behind – you are in great hands. Come on time and prepared, and we will take care of you.

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